Advanced Polymers for Unmet Clinical Needs: Novel Approaches for Therapeutics, Cell-surface Engineering, Devices and Proteomics Reagents

My research program at the Centre for Blood Research, University of British Columbia ( is based on tailoring the molecular level interactions of synthetic polymers with biological systems to design novel biomaterials in a translational setting. We take an integrative, interdisciplinary approach combining advanced polymer synthesis with the understanding of the pathophysiology of diseases along with well-designed biological assays and animal models towards the discovery of novel polymers as therapeutics, and technologies for biomedical and clinical use. My lab primarily engages in four independent, yet closely related research themes as shown here. We actively collaborate with clinicians and engineers to realize our research goals.

macromolecular therapeu           cell surface engineer          blood compatible          proteomic reagents


Applications are invited from potential graduate students with backgrounds in chemistry (organic, biologic and materials), biochemistry or material science for interdisciplinary graduate programs. Please contact Jay Kizhakkedathu (