Kizhakkedathu and Withers Make Breakthrough in the Pursuit of Universal Blood

Congratulations to recent Kizhakkedathu alumnus Dr. Rafi Chapanian and current Kizhakkedathu lab member Iren Constantinescu on their most recent work showcased in J. Am. Chem. Soc. They assisted Dr. David Kwan, a PDF in the Withers group in implementing a new strategy to make a ‘universal’ blood type devoid of any major antigens using an improved enzymatic methodology. You can read more about it in a recent posting by the Centre for Blood Research. This breakthrough has received attention from major media outlets including the CBC, Washington Post and as far as the Delhi Daily News!


Congratulations Dr. Jasmine Hamilton!

Congratulations to Dr. Jasmine Hamilton for successfully defending her Ph.D Thesis: Innovative Polymeric Iron Chelators with High Iron Binding Affinity and Biocompatibility for the Treatment of Transfusional Iron Overload.  We  wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Happy New Year From the Brooks and Kizhakkedathu Labs

New year, new lab photo! Wishing everyone a prosperous 2015!

Synthetic Heparin Reversal Agent Published in Science Translational Medicine!

The work by recent alumnus Dr. Rajesh Shenoi and current graduate student Manu Kalathottukaren appears in the most recent issue of Science Translational Medicine. The article showcases a polymer based antidote for the widely used anticoagulant heparin. Chemical and Engineering News has also summarized their findings.

Brooks and Kizhakkedathu Group at Freie Universität Berlin

Members of the Kizhakkedathu, Brooks and Conway research group have just returned from a productive trip to Berlin, Germany!  Members took part in a two-day workshop with researchers  from the Haag,  Dernedde and Weinhart laboratories. We are looking forward to future collaborations!

UBC-FU 2014

Participants in the UBC/FUB Workshop 2014

Glycopolymer Modulated Complement Activators published in ACS Nano!

Research Associate, Dr. Kai Yu has published his most recent efforts in ACS Nano.  In concert with fellow CBR (Centre for Blood Research) associates in the lab of Dr. Ed Conway, Dr. Yu has illustrated that glycopolymer chains on the nanoparticle (NP) surfaces act as a “molecular switch” for complement activation and amplification. Congratulations! 

Kizhakkedathu Group Published in Nature Communications!


A study led by senior post doctoral fellow, Dr. Rafi Chapanian has recently been showcased in the latest issue of Nature Communications. In collaboration with fellow UBC scientists in Dr. Stephen Withers research group,this work demonstrates enhanced rates of cell surface reactions and interactions by means of macromolecular crowding. In the article, the practical utility of this enhancement technology is demonstrated by efficient enzymatic conversion of A, B and AB red blood cells to universal (O) donor red blood cells at physiological pH and at room temperatures. Congratulations!