Antithrombotic and Antimicrobial Polymer Coatings for Devices


Understanding the interaction of polymer surfaces with blood or other tissues is critical to the discovery of biocompatible implant coatings. We approach this problem by developing well-defined surfaces and application of most modern biological analysis. We anticipate that this will contribute significantly to understand biomaterial-host interactions at the molecular level and further developing novel technologies to prevent biomaterial associated thrombus generation and infection. We aim to develop new technologies to prevent thrombus generation and infections associated with implanted biomedical devices. We also adapt this knowledge towards the development of smart biomedical devices. Our interdisciplinary approach is extremely well positioned to generate better understanding and new insights into the mechanism of biomaterial-blood interactions. Advancements in anti-thrombus and anti-infection coating will provide further opportunities in cardiovascular implants, urological devices and blood storage devices.

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